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Welcome to Open Door

Whatever the size of your nest egg, you need to know that it’s being looked after properly. We have been providing honest advice and straightforward service for over 10 years, all designed to improve your financial circumstances and help protect your future. Our advice is clear, researched and independent and we keep the process simple and hassle free.

No jargon and no nasty surprises. Just our expertise, a listening ear and an Open Door.

what we do

What’s so different about Open Door?

First and foremost we’re decent people. We don’t believe in the hard sell, we believe in integrity and want to help you make sure you have enough money to enjoy your future.

Secondly with Open Door you will only ever receive advice from a fully Chartered Financial Planner.

Finally, we are completely independent, so we’re not obliged to recommend any particular services or products. Just those we think will suit you best.

We believe this is why nearly 90% of our clients come to us by way of a personal or professional referral.

about us

So what can I expect?

Working with us starts with a conversation.

We’ll ask you what you want to achieve with your finances and we’ll find out what your current situation is and how that’s likely to evolve. If, and only if, we can improve your financial situation, we’ll recommend what action to take. We don’t charge for our research or conversations and there’s only a cost to you if you want us to implement our recommendations on your behalf, and all charges are clearly explained to you prior to any commitment.

how we do it

Who will I be talking to?

You’ll talk to either Richard or Kate who have over 50 years’ experience of financial services between them.

Open Door’s ethos is to treat and advise you in the same way as they’d treat and advise their own family or friends. This means openly, honestly and efficiently.


about us